Be kind when you meet someone, empathy works wonderfully and left a remarkable impact


Hyderabad: 24 October 2021: Asking for help ain't easy for some, because they used to fix other's problem, they used to be the hero for others, so being weak will never be part of their choices. They tend to keep their issues themselves, for they always thought they can figure it out alone somehow. They try to make things work out solely, for they think it's better off that way. Because that's their usual thing. Don't expect their pain to be seen, for they master the art of being "okay". They've been in camouflage for so long, so it's gonna be hard to see them break. But just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not happening. And just because a person comes up so strong, doesn't mean it's gonna be okay for them to get hurt. It's just that because people expect them to be strong, so they need to be braver. They chose it because they can't afford to lose the fight. Know that it requires a lot of courage to put the gun down when life triggers them, so never think it's easy for them to compromise, just because they look so brave on the outside. We all have different battles to fight, let's stop weighing each other's bravery base on the surface. Let's keep in mind that we're all just human being, and bravery doesn't mean being numb.

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